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The band, THE GREEN CAR MOTEL blends both English and Spanish into a unique Southwestern fusion incorporating vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, lap steel guitar, keyboards, dobro’s, accordion, trumpet and violin. 


The band was founded by vocalist and songwriter RICK GARCIA along with guitarist and songwriter RENE REYES.  Both Garcia and Reyes grew up in San Diego, Texas, located 80 miles from the Mexican border. Eventually making their way to Los Angeles, they formed the band ACT OF FAITH and released three well received albums. In 2004 Garcia and Reyes formed THE GREEN CAR MOTEL and promptly gained a sizeable following.  The band keeps an open door for a myriad of musicians to join in on the ride. 

In 2007 the band released their self-titled debut album THE GREEN CAR MOTEL to worldwide public and critical acclaim.


THE GREEN CAR MOTEL features former Oingo Boingo bassist JOHN AVILA on bass, ART PACHECO on drums, CISCO DELUNA on lap Steele Guitar, Dobro plus Accordion and CRAIG EASTMAN on Violin. Their music pulls from Garcia and Reyes' South Texas roots with a healthy dose of Southern California influences. 


Over the years the band has built up a worldwide fan base and their music has been featured in dozens of major films such as the theme song for COLLATERAL, and soundtrack songs for NEXT, DOMINO, RED and SEVEN POUNDS and other film projects.  


Currently, the band is working on new songs for an upcoming release in 2022.

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